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Six Sigma Web Sites

Six Sigma Articles

Quality Progress   (some articles may require an ASQ member log-In to veiw; ASQ members may browse all Quality Progress articles at http://www.asq.org/pub/qualityprogress/)

Quality Magazine
Quality Digest
Journal of Quality Technology (can also go to www.asq.org)

Six Sigma Books

  • The Six Sigma Handbook by Thomas Pysdek, McGraw Hill, 2003 (ISBN# 0-07-141015-5)
  • CSSBB Primer by Bill Wortman, Quality Council of Indiana, 2001
  • The Six Sigma Project Planner by Thomas Pyzdek, McGraw Hill 2003 (ISBN# 0-07-141183-6)
  • Statistics for Six Sigma Made Easy by Warren Brussee, McGraw Hill 2004 (ISBN# 0-07-143385-6)

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