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Member Leader Position Descriptions

Section leaders are members who volunteer their time and effort to serve the section and neighboring community.

To learn about the duties and responsibilities of each Member Leader position, click on the document links below. Some positions might be inactive with Section 1109 at a given time.

If you are interested in serving in any of these areas, contact the Section Chair.

ASQ Standard

General Description (click on document link at left for more detail)


Serve as Chief Executive Officer of the section. Oversee all aspects of section management.

Vice Chair

In a section that does not use a chair-elect system, the Vice Chair is second in command after the chair. If there are multiple vice chairs, their responsibilities and succession order shall be established by the SLC and documented in section policy and position descriptions.


Document section business and maintain records of the section and serve as the official correspondent of the section.


Oversee section funds; maintain accurate section financial records; and report on financial condition of the section.
Treasurer - 1109 Supplement

Arrangements Oversee arrangements for regular meetings of the section and other special programs and conferences.
Audit Coordinate and manage the audit of section financial information.

Coordinates and manages section activities related to the ASQ certification program.
Certification - 1109 Supplement


Develop strategic direction for the next year. This is a two-year commitment as this position will advance to Chair the following year.


Plan and implement educational programs for the Section such as conferences and/or special seminars.

Examining Advise on the qualifications of members' advancement in membership grade.
Historian Maintain membership and activity information for the section for historical purposes.
Koalaty Kid

Serve as the liaison between the section and K-12 educational institutions wishing to use quality processes to improve performance.


Oversee section recruitment and retention efforts.
Membership - 1109 Supplement


Ensure that section members receive an informative newsletter on a consistent and timely basis by coordinating the content, publication, and mailing.


Identify and nominate, with the nominating committee, qualified individuals for the minimally required elected section positions of chair, secretary, and treasurer, and other positions if necessary.


Coordinate the section’s job placement program to facilitate access to professional opportunities for section members and assist area companies with recruiting quality professionals.
Placement - 1109 Supplement


Plan and implement programs and activities of the section.
Programs - 1109 Supplement


Ensure that section meetings and programs are publicized through a variety of media outlets reaching the membership and local community in a timely manner.


Coordinate and manage section activities related to ASQ’s recertification program and process.
Recertification - 1109 Supplement

Student Branch Liaison

Coordinate and oversee any ASQ Student Branch by serving as the liaison between the sponsoring section and the branch while mentoring the student leaders in the management of the branch.


Develop and maintain a continuous reliable source for section information via the Internet.

The following roles are specific to Section 1109:

PCETS Liaison

Serve as liaison between the section and the Piedmont Council of Engineering and Technical Societies.

Scholarship Fundraising
(Golf Tournament)

Plan and oversee annual golf tournament which serves as a primary fundraiser for the section's merit scholarship award.


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