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March 2015 Letter from the chair

This month we are pleased to be doing a joint meeting with the local chapter of APICS at The Volvo Communications Center.
Volvo Communications Center
7900 National Service Rd.
Greensboro, NC  27409
Registration:............5:15 pm
Dinner:.....................5:30 pm
Chapters:.................6:20 pm
Presentation:...........7:00 pm
Adjourn:..................8:15 pm
March's PDM topic centers around a process that has likely given many of us more aggravation than we would like to admit... or remember.  We have all had to do some form of problem solving at one time or another in our work.  It is likely many of us have arrived at the same frustrating conclusions as well - "When I ask 'Why' I'm stared at like I'm an idiot, even though the only answer I'm being given is 'Because'",  "I don't know, and I don't have time to hunt the answer down all day",  "I know this isn't the true root cause, but it's likely the best I'm going to get",  or "We all know the real root cause, but this little piece of paper isn't going to fix it".  Fear not - we have a root cause warrior joining us this month!

Fadi Rahal is the president of Effective Problem Solving, LLC (EPS).  As a 20 year quality veteran Mr. Rahal is the first to admit that the problem solving capabilities exercised in many companies today have the same end game -- Containment.  You may refer to it as firefighting, stopping the bleeding, band-aid solutions or any number of other things but in the end a reactive solution, by any other name, is still a reactive solution.  One of the problems Mr. Rahal highlights - knowing the difference between issue "resolution" and "elimination or prevention" - seems rather simple.  But we've all seem people use buzz words or action-noun-verb terms without thinking about the actual definitions of the vocabulary falling out of their mouths.  

To eliminate (recur) and prevent (occur) problems you need a real understanding of these terms and the implications that come with each one.  With a clearer understanding the focus becomes how to move from "resolution" activities to "elimination" and more importantly to "prevention" activities.  Mr. Rahal will share his thoughts about a technique with the potential to help us break away from the ineffective strategies many of us use today.

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