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Scholarship Recipients

Each year the Central North Carolina Section of the American Society for Quality awards scholarships to deserving students in our local area.  These students come from diverse backgrounds and fields of study, but share a couple of things in common:  academic excellence and hard work.  Three local colleges are asked to choose students:  Forsyth Technical Community College, Guilford Technical Community College, and North Carolina A & T.  The students must be enrolled full time in a technical or engineering curriculum and maintaining at least a B average.  The award per school is $1,000 dollars, which GTCC chooses to divide between two students.

The Central North Carolina Section also awards the DuWayne Carlson Scholarship each year.  This scholarship is also based on academic excellence, and requires at least a B average to qualify.  To be considered eligible, the candidate must be a rising senior or full-time college student, and the son or daughter or legal ward of an active member.  Active membership is defined as having attended three of nine meetings prior to the application deadline.  The scholarship is for $1,000.  All scholarships are presented to the recipients in May, at our annual Spouse's Night banquet.  I hope that you will share our enthusiasm for our scholarship program and will contribute to its continued success in the coming months by assisting with various fundraisers.

Scholarship Recipient Biographies

May 2008

We are pleased to present the DuWayne Carlson Scholarship Award for 2008-09 to Joseph Scott Brown, son of Charlie Brown and his wife, Bonita. 
Joseph is graduating high school from the North Carolina School of mathematics and Science.  This is a dormatory school for High School students designed to academically accelerate its students to their maximum potential.  
Joseph is graduating with a 5.076 GPA.  He is very active in his community and church.  He has served many hours for the First Baptist Church of Pilot Mountain as well as serving as assistant to the Youth Minister.  Joseph has served as counselor for field trips as well as co-director for Vacation bible School.
Joseph auditioned and was accepted as a choir member for a choir that held 12 concerts in this past year across North Carolina Baptist churches, the Women's Correctional Facility, and assisted living homes.
Joseph is currently in the NC State Honors Program where he will be attending  full time in the Fall of 2009. Joseph will be studying engineering and possibly biomedical.
It is an honor for us to award the Scholarship to such a deserving young man. 

May 2006

The winner of the DuWayne Carlson Scholarship Award this year was Michael Brown, son of Charlie Brown and his wife, Bonita.   Michael earned an impressive GPA of 4.63 at East Surry High School, where he plays football, participates in track, and the band.  In addition, he won numerous awards for his academic and athletic contributions.  He is also a young man of fine character who reaches out and contributes to our greater community through his participation in faith-based activities, which have included making improvements to a school in New York.  He plans to attend UNC Chapel Hill this fall where he will major in biology as he pursues his dream to become a medical physician.  We were pleased to present this scholarship to this very deserving recipient, Michael Brown.

Mr. Walter Bittorf is the applicant chosen by the faculty of GTCC.  Walter modestly describes himself as a father of two wonderful children.  He served his country in the US Navy, and now his 18-year-old son, Jesse, is following the family tradition of service to his country.  Jesse recently requested transfer from the National Guard to regular Army.  Walter spent over 20 years in the construction field and is licensed as both an NC General Contractor and an NC Electrical Contractor.  Obviously he is no stranger to hard work, and his hard work continues as he advances his education.  He earned an admirable GPA of 3.503 while completing 23 credit hours in the fall and 26 in the spring!  He plans to earn his Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and his Masters in Construction Management.  It was with great delight that we awarded this scholarship to Mr. Walter Bittorf.

Ms. China Perkins is an A & T graduate student, and due to the unanimous recommendations of the faculty, she is the first graduate student to receive a scholarship from Section 1109.  China is a single mother, who went back to school to earn her undergraduate degree from Winston-Salem State University, graduating Cum Laude with a degree in Management Information Systems.  She just completed her Master’s of Science degree in Industrial Technology, Manufacturing Systems.  She plans to pursue her Ph.D., which will put her in a position to mentor under-represented students about the importance of learning and the opportunities available to them through higher education.  We were very happy to present this award to Ms. China Perkins on behalf of Section 1109.

Thank You Letters -

A thank you letter from Michael C. Brown:

"To ASQ Members,

Thank you for awarding me with the DuWayne Carlson Educational Scholarship.  I greatly appreciate this very helpful contribution to my education and admire the commitment you have towards your community.


Michael C. Brown"


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