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ASQ Learning Institute™

The ASQ Learning Institute™ Is Now Live - Learn Skills That Will Help Make Your World Better 

Quality: The Cause of Good Things in the World
Quality techniques from ASQ enable doctors like Dr. Manu Vora, an ASQ Fellow - and the Blind Foundation for India, which he co-founded-to help cure and prevent blindness for approximately 90,000 people in India.   

"The quality discipline has helped us manage the foundation from the beginning," said Vora. "By implementing the PDSA model at BFI, we were able to hit the ground running." 

Using the plan, do, study, act cycle, a basic quality tool, Vora also played a major part in providing vaccinations and vitamin A to tens of thousands of children in India.  

With your ASQ membership, you belong to an organization of continuous learning and improvement, making quality the cause of good things in our world. 

Visit the ASQ Learning Institute™ and set up your profile now!  

The ASQ Learning Institute™ will help you to plan, manage, schedule, and track ALL of your professional development needs anywhere in the world while guaranteeing the same high-quality training and instructors you expect from ASQ. 

The ASQ Learning Institute™ allows you to create a user profile so you can build your learning plan, track your success, and boost your career-all starting today.

These tools are available to Full, Senior, Honorary, and Fellow members now:

• ASQ Course (Learning) Catalog - Compiles a list of available training, including instructor-led, online, and document-based training. Allows users to browse and locate catalogs very quickly by subject areas or calendar date. 

• ASQ Learning Institute™ Calendar - Provides a clear view of all the professional development opportunities over an 18-month period. The calendar allows users to view upcoming learning offerings that include all courses, seminars, and conferences in multiple modalities. 

• Learning History - Displays the entire history of learning events for a learner-including components assigned and completed. The learning history can be thought of as the learner's "transcript." 

• Competency Assessment - Provides a structured list of knowledge, skills, and abilities that serves as a foundation for users to map the level of competencies needed for various job functions. 

• Career Planner - The Career Planner helps you manage your career by mapping your future career path and assessing the difference between your current abilities and the abilities (called competencies) required for the job to which you ultimately aspire to. 

• Learning Plans - This personalized plan provides a detailed description of user activities to help learners achieve their education goals. The learning plan can be thought of as the "to do" list.

Visit the ASQ Learning Institute™ and set up your profile now! 


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